1xBet Withdrawal Time, Rules and Methods in India

Withdrawals are available to all 1xBet users who have verified their accounts. You can withdraw money via the website or app for Android and iOS. The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 300.

Withdraw your winnings with ease from 1xbet.

1xBet Withdrawal Methods

In the table below you will find the withdrawal limits from 1xBet for different payment systems.

MethodMinimum WithdrawalMaximum Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
Visa / MasterCardINR 300Depends on the state and issuing bankFrom 15 minutes to seven days
PayTMINR 3,000Depends on the wallet limit15 minutes
SkrillINR 300No from 1xBet, can be from Skrill15 minutes
EcoPayzINR 883No from 1xbet, from about INR 17,500 to INR 2.209.745 depending on ecoPayz account tier15 minutes
Perfect MoneyINR 3,716no from 1xbet, and INR 7,433, 870 (maximal Perfect Money Deposit)15 minutes
AstroPayINR 700Depends on the wallet limit15 minutes
BitcoinINR 300No15 minutes

Mind that all the methods in the list have exchange and conversion fees. Some of them do not work with INR. The others require complicated exchange strategies. The only way that does not have exchange fees is VISA / MasterCard cards (that can be held in rupees). It is true unless your bank ATM does not charge fees for every operation.

1xBet Withdrawal Limits

Limitations for taking your money from the service are natural for all the bettors. There are several reasons why any 1xBet withdrawal limit exists:

  • First of all, there can be limitations within the chosen payment system. Such money transfer companies as Skrill or PayPal set their own limits that depend on the account verification, account status, and other circumstances. 
  • VISA and MasterCard can have limitations that will depend on the particular country and a card issuer. So, if you are going to use the cards, check with your bank concerning money transactions.
  • During hot seasons and the appearance of a new transaction system on the service, there can be non-permanent limitations. Also, the most popular transaction systems can have them.
  • Also, the limitations can be applied depending on the activity of your account. The service is more loyal to active users who play, deposit, and withdraw regularly.

All the payment systems have their limitations for withdrawing.

Obviously, the limitations will differ for various currencies. They slightly copy the exchange rate equivalent. However, in the total amount, the limitations are equal between different currencies.

1xBet Minimum Withdrawal

1xbet minimum withdrawal in India equals about INR 300 for live betting. There is no differentiation in withdrawal limits among the transfer methods. It means you can choose any service, and the minimum cap will be the same everywhere.

You should withdraw at least INR 112 from 1xbet account.

1xBet Maximum Withdrawal

The 1xBet maximum withdrawal limit is not specified on our website. However, you should be aware that if a service does not set withdrawal limits, it does not mean that a money transfer service does not do it either. Visa and MasterCard cards suffer most of all, as they fall both under country and bank regulations. You should remember that big withdrawals can take more time, independently of the method chosen. When it comes to the 1xBet withdrawal time India location, the cryptocurrencies show the best performance. They do not depend on a third party. However, they fall under some other restrictions, like no particular hitting bonuses and others.

There is no specific withdrawing maximum at 1xbet.

How to Withdraw Money from 1xbet in India?

Here is a full instruction to the 1xBet withdraw process. Remember to pass it. You must be a registered user of the service:

1 Step 1: Log in

Got to the official website and log into the 1xBet account. Withdrawal works both through the mobile application and the website.

Log in to your 1xbet account or create it, if you don't have one yet.

2 Step 2: Go to the section “Withdraw funds”

Choose the payment system category and then, choose the payment system from the category. For instance, you can use a bank transferring.

It's better to choose the same method as you used when depositied to 1xbet.

3 Step 3: Fill in the Information

Enter the required information: a sum of withdrawal and the number of wallets or banks (depending on method). If everything is OK (you have got enough money on balance, the billing info is specified correctly), your withdrawal request will be sent for processing. Wait for some time and check your account within the chosen payment system.

Fill in the information properly and wait for receiving money.

Be confident that your documents are by hand. Also, check if they match with the info you left in the profile data. Actually, 1xBet is pretty liberal when it comes to ID verification. But they can send you a request for validation at any moment. Without passing the validation process, all further banking procedures will be stopped.

There is a correction concerning 1xBet withdrawal time. The processing time for any withdrawal can reach 48 hours. It can be caused by too many inquiries in hot seasons.

How to Withdraw Money from the App?

As for the deposit, in 1xBet App, we offer a large number of different currencies and payment systems for withdrawing funds. However, the difference from the deposit is that there are some conditions that you must fulfill:

  • You need to pass account verification. This is a mandatory procedure to withdraw funds and protect your personal data. The process is very simple and easy, which will allow every player to understand it. In order to verify your account, you need to completely fill out your personal account with your personal information and send a photo of an identity document. For this, a photo of a passport or driver’s license, as well as some other documents, is suitable. After you fill in your account information and send a photo, within a few days we will review them and verify your account.
  • Conditions for wagering bonuses. If you have used any bonuses to increase your money, then you need to fulfill some wagering conditions for these bonuses in order to withdraw bonus funds.

After that, you will be able to withdraw the money you won in our mobile application. The withdrawal procedure takes a little longer than the deposit, but it is just as simple. To do this, to withdraw funds in the mobile application, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the mobile app and log into your account.
  2. Go to the balance section.
  3. Choose a payment system and fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Enter the desired amount.
  5. Check the entered data and confirm the withdrawal of funds.

Everything is ready! Within a few hours, we will review your withdrawal request and approve it, after which the funds will be credited to your card, bank account, or electronic wallet, depending on which method you have chosen.

You can withdraw money through the 1xBet app.

1xBet Withdrawal Rules and Conditions

Here are the main 1xBet withdrawal rules recommended for consideration before signing up for the service:

  • Withdrawals can be declined if the balance refilling has been made with electronic systems only.
  • Only winning from bets with odds equal to or more than 1.1 are taken into account during withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal can be stopped or canceled if there is a suspicion of account misuse. Further withdrawal is possible after validation only.
  • Refillings made from someone else’s accounts are possible but not recommended.
  • Withdrawals can be canceled or stopped by a company due to security checks.
  • A company might force a bettor to change a withdrawal method due to security as well.
  • A withdrawal can be declined in case of violation of terms and conditions rules by a bettor.
  • If the withdrawal is made through a method different from the depositing method, the maximal sum must be proportional to the deposit sum. Otherwise, such a withdrawal limit does not work.

Learn some withdrawing rules to have no problems in the process.

In general, the rules are not very severe and do not differ from the rules of other services. If a player places bets, does not change the banking methods frequently, and has all the documents, they will never face problems with banking.


Below we have answered the most popular questions related to the withdrawal of funds from the account 1xBet. You can contact support for further advice or leave your question in the comments.

What is the Best Way of Withdrawal to Choose?

There is no definite answer. The choice depends on your preferences. If you have got a 1xBet cash service nearby, it is better to load an account with it. E-wallets are instant. Plastic cards are good for small withdrawals. And maximal withdrawals are the best with cryptocurrencies. To cut a long story short, each method has its features and suits different situations and strategies.

Is There Any Way to Improve 1xBet Withdrawal Conditions?

Become a valuable player: bet, deposit, withdraw, play games, etc. Maybe, you will get priority in withdrawal inquiry processing. However, 1xBet withdrawal rules are pretty good for novices as well.

What is the Minimal Withdrawal Time in 1xbet?

The minimal 1xBet withdrawal time equals about fifteen minutes. It concerns e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Are There Any Withdrawal Restrictions?

Yes, we have restrictions. They are concerned about the violation of the rules, using not your accounts, document validation, etc.

Can I Switch Withdrawal Methods?

Yes, you can. The company likes when the deposit and withdrawal ways match, but it does not restrict your liberty to change the withdrawal method. Mind not to abuse this option, as there can be a suspicion of white-washing.

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