1xBet Account Verification Process and Documents

Account verification is the next crucial process that needs to be made after you’ve passed the registration procedure. You need to know that you will have access to withdrawal and deposit your money only when you pass the verification procedure successfully. Also, account verification helps you to remove any limits on money transfers within the 1xbet account.

Verify your 1xBet account in India in a few steps.

1xBet Account Verification Process

Follow these steps to verify your account:

  1. Register a new account. Click on the ‘Registration’ green button at the top right corner of the 1xbet official page. 
  2. Choose the method of account creation. There are 3 ways to create an account in 1xbet: by phone number, by email, and in 1 click.
  3. Go to your personal account and you’ll see that it is not verified yet. Click on the button.

The account verification process at 1xBet takes some time.

1xBet Documents for Verification

For verification, it is necessary to provide documents on the official website or in the 1xBet mobile app.

Document verification is the process of verifying the customers’ identity by performing several authenticity checks on the customer-provided ID documents. To receive access to instant deposits and withdrawals via the 1xBet app, the first thing you need to do is to verify your account. Verification will also allow you to remove limits on your live bets’ amount. The verification process may take up to 2-3 business days, however, sometimes it can be a little longer. To verify your account, you may use any of these documents: 

  • National ID card — front and back;
  • Passport — photo and cover page;
  • Driving license — photo, name, and signature visible;
  • Provisional license — front and back;
  • Voter’s card — address must be visible;
  • Armed forces ID card — front and back.

Important notice! All documents must be valid (example: Bank statement should be issued no earlier than 3 months ago). + Be kindly advised that a photo of your ID/Passport must be attached to your application to self-restrict. If you activate this feature you will be unable to gamble at 1xBet.

If Your details cannot be verified based on the documents provided, You must provide additional information to successfully verify Your identity. 1xbet may also snap your photo and use photo recognition software when you withdraw your winnings from betting shops and casinos. Your online photo will not be available if you remember to cover your monitor’s camera opening. 

Please note that 1xbet’s management can ask you to conduct a video conference as a part of the identity verification process, and/or request for the documents to be sent by post. Verification may take up to 72 hours from the receipt of the documents. The outcome of the video conference can be provided to the customer within 5 working days after a video conference takes place.

To verify your 1xBet account, you need to confirm your identity.


Below you will find answers to popular questions about account verification at 1xBet:

I don’t want to upload my personal documents to 1xbet. Can I continue to play within the 1xbet bookmaker and casino?

Unfortunately, no. If a player refuses to undergo verification, 1xbet reserves the right to void its bets (including bets placed from duplicate accounts). Furthermore, 1xbet management reserves the right to take any reasonable measures, including but not limited to blocking the account and freezing the available funds until the account holder is established and their deposit methods have been confirmed.

What would be with my bets if I didn’t pass the verification process?

If it is proven that the data that was provided is not valid, the 1xbet is entitled to take any reasonable measures including (but not limited to).

To block (close) the account (including any duplicate accounts), which may entail all bonuses, free bets and winnings received from those bonuses and free bets when using this duplicate account becoming void and lost to you at our sole discretion.

To cancel all winnings and refund the balance of your account at the start of the investigation (minus any cancelled winnings) made from your main and duplicate accounts.

To refund any amounts that are owed to 1xbet in connection with this duplicate account, directly from any of your accounts (including any other duplicate account).

There is an exception which allows the continued use of the main account and recognizes it as valid, while all bets placed by you from the duplicate account will be void, the duplicate account(s) will be blocked and/or cancelled by decision of the 1xbet. However, the decision is made for each particular case individually, according to the extent of the violation.

Can I upload the driving licence which is mine but has expired recently?

In most cases – yes. Most Indian states have an online database of active Driver’s Licences, so if they received your application for verification, then they’ll just input your DL No. and see if it matches the other details you have given. So it mainly depends on your state of residence.

If I am under 18 y.o. – Can I verify my account with my parents’ documents?

No. If you are under 18 y.o. You are not allowed to play sports matches and casinos at any bookmaker platforms, including 1xbet.

Can I close my account without a verification procedure?

No, you can’t. Your account may be closed only after it has been fully verified.
1xbet sent me an email that I didn’t pass the investigation and the account verification was not successful. Will my bets be forfeited?

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